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Re: My detergent exploration

Country Save

I got this while out in BC. Yup, brought it home in my suitcase 'cause all the buzz here got me really excited about it. So I decided that this was going to be the first detergent that I ever tried as I did get it special.

One of the first things I noticed about it was that it is very very very strong. As little as a teaspoon was enough to clean the diapers. I had a miserable time knowing when it had properly rinsed out. I would run each load through its own separate cycle after washing as that seemed to be the only way to guarantee most of the soap would be gone. On average, there were 3-6 diapers weekly that just stank after ds2 peed in them.

Since this is the first detergent I tried, I can't say at this point whether its the best one given my particular machine and the softness of my local water supply.

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