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Re: My detergent exploration

Nature Clean - powdered laundry detergent

I had high hopes for this detergent, partially for the reason that I think we all would like to be able to support home-made product. But this one DOES not win with my diapers and my situation in my books.

For starters, I had a really hard time figuring out what amount of detergent I should put in. There were no clear directions for front loaders on the box. I started off with one tablespoon (tbsp) and that was far too much. Then I moved to two teaspoons (tsp) and then just one. One tablespoon cleaned the dipes, but the detergent was just impossible to remove from both the prefolds and the diapers. It was extremely frustrating for me to have to rewash everything in a third wash and it happened to many times for words.

When I reduced the detergent to 1 tsp, the diapers just weren't coming out clean at all. A lot of them actually still mildly smelled right out of both wash cycles, so in they would go for a third. Right now, especially since I just finished up testing Nature Clean last week, I don't even want to look at the box. Everyweek there were serious problems and ds2 developed an on-going rash that I just couldn't get rid of at all.

It works okay for clothes but I will never use this on my dipes again. It was horrible!!

I wonder if part of the reason it performed so badly for me was because this detergent was never really designed specifically for front loaders? Any thoughts?

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