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Re: My detergent exploration

Originally Posted by singer74 View Post
I'm interested in what you find with the plain old Washing Soda. I primarily use that, but I tried a sample pack of Country Save and I think that worked a little better. We have really hard water though, so that might have something to do with it (?).
Maybe. I only started with the washing soda last week. I have high hopes for it, but we'll see. What kind of washing machine are you using?

Originally Posted by kuehners21 View Post
I think it is great to test different options! If I had the patience, I would totally try something like this
I think that's what led me to this point. I was always trying to test different detergents and then one day, I looked at my laundry room and its full of all these different brands. So I took all the ones I know are supposed to be suitable for dipes and decided, that's it! Let's do this properly rather than trying to spend more money on something else.

Plus, I know my laundering habits (washing only 1x weekly, albeit in two separate loads), my particular machine and my water would have an impact on the results I am going to get at the end of all this.
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