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Re: "Are you there God, it's me Margaret..." for an 8 yr old?

Originally Posted by jesshb View Post
I think it was "controversial" when we were kids (can't believe the book is getting that old) because it discussed subjects (period) that at least in my community women and girls didn't talk about much.

However, I think it would be an awesome conversation starter with your daughter. That's awesome that she is such an avid reader!

If it hadn't been for that book, I don't think my family would have ever told me about my period. I liked reading about Margaret thinking she wasn't ever going to get hers. {I was thinking that, but ended up getting my the same week after reading it}. {I was in 5th grade}.

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
Good! I honestly never read it, but know the jist of what it is about, and I remember it being censored back in the day...

Funny thing is last week she asked what my lightdays pads were and I told her. Then I asked her if she knew what a period was and she said "yes". I didn't think she knew, b/c until last week I had not had one since she was 4! But I guess her friends may be more knowledgable...

Today I told her the book had to do with Margaret getting her period, so if she didn't understand any of it, to LMK.

Thanks mamas
That is awesome! Great job! I wish my mom had been able to do that for me.

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
That book got me through puberty.
Originally Posted by MatildasMum View Post
You know your daughter best. I know many 8 year olds and they are vastly different - maturity wise.

I figure if your dd is curious enough to ask and want to read it, she is probably able to understand it also.
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