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Re: When did you leave your kids...

when i went, i never put my son in there...
i used to go help w hen my grandma was one of the workers, then they all moved and i went to anoter church with my grandma after i lived tere when i had my son and it was the pastors daughter thats younger than i am who was the worker... he was being kinda jumpin around my lap and climbing on me but people thought itwas cute. my grandma freaked the couple times i nursed him in the service (its a tiny church and she kept trying to insist i stick him in but then she freaked out cause i was sitting and my uncle (aunts husband) saw about 2 inches of my back when i was sitting on the living room floor and then i was nursing my son as well, and she tried to make me wear one of my grandpas long button up shirts when he came over..umm..another WHY? hes my uncle. if hes looking at me like that, theres more to the issue than my needing to cover up, kwim?

i got way off te church thig but ugh...
and yeah, i dont trust that id be gotten when he needed me, i dont trust that he wouldnt freak out, i dont like that "well he needs to be away from you sometime!" i literally didnt let anyone hold him until he was 4 months old, and still les than 20 people have and hes 21 months! im majorly paranoid and dont like people touching all over my kid, i dont like that they let the kids just eat and drin other peopoles stuff, i dont trust someone to not give him formula, or not caer if he took someone elses cup with it...
okay, im done, and i dont have this issue right now because i dont go right now but well....ugh.
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