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Re: Who else makes their own dipes?

My 30th birthday was last week and I told dh that I want to buy myself a sewing machine for my birthday. *I* know it would be for diaper making but he would think that's just crazy! I told him if we can get the "office" cleaned up (we moved in almost two years ago and this room is still full of boxes!) and the garage cleaned out, then I'll spend my birthday money on a sewing machine and we can spend our income tax refund to get him a riding lawn mower. So far it sounds like a good plan but neither of us are making much progress!

Anyway, I did make DJ a pair of wool shorts last week and I totally know what you mean...there is something so rewarding about seeing your baby wearing something you've made...even if it's not perfect. As soon as I finished that pair of shorts, I started on a pair of longies (and dh doesn't know that I already have two more kinds of yarn to make some more for DJ and the new baby!!)

So it's not just you!
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