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Cheers for Allen's Naturally!

I just have to post this rave... I've heard Allen's Naturally suggested time and time again, but I kept telling myself I could make do with regular detergent. Over time, though, my front-loader has probably led to some build-up issues that I've been battling for months. I broke down and bought some Allen's stright from them (1 qt, came to $18 with shipping ). For a front-loader, I only need to use 1/2T, so it should last for more than 100 washes (I think?) Anyway, I've only used it twice, but I'm so pleased to find there's no smell to my dipes, and they finally feel clean! Woohoo!

If you're struggling with detergent problems, I'd highly suggest breaking down and getting some. I'll probably save on water since I won't need to strip with 5 hot washes once a week!! Well worth it!
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