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Re: When did you leave your kids...

Originally Posted by presleycaedmon View Post
I'm basically the only AP mama at my church so I'm probably the only one who has a problem with the nursery, kwim?

However, we're having a nursery workers meeting next saturday so I think I'll be bringing up some of my issues with them. Not to say that I'll be leaving Presley there anytime soon, but that has more to do with us than with them!
It sounds to me like it would be a really great idea to discuss it with them! I do leave my kids in our nursery (rotation, etc, sounds very much like your church) and my 15 mo old has some major separation anxiety at times but we talk him through it and have decided that even if he cries some of the time we're gone, it's something we want to establish as a positive situation and we know he's being well loved and cared for since we know all the people who work in there. And they will come and get us if we ask. The workers (my friends) also usually really enjoy the time playing with him.

THAT SAID... if you aren't interested in leaving her (which it sounds like you're not!) then I think it's way easier if you explain that outright. I know that I have been confused at times with other parents who are new to the church whether they don't want to leave their kids because they don't want to be a burden (esp if they cry), or whether they really don't want to. It's super helpful for me or others as we interact if they say, "We really prefer to keep him/her with us during the service, but thanks!" Then I know not to bring it up again, know what I mean?

Every parent has to make that decision on their own, and if you and your husband agree that you prefer to keep her with you, then share that openly and I bet you'll get a lot fewer comments. Especially if you don't make it sound like it's an issue with the workers, etc.... even if that is part of your hesitation.

Sounds like you're on the right track!

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