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Re: Who else makes their own dipes?

I did, before I started selling. We had fit and night time issues that I couldn't spend tons of money "trying out" things to fix. I knew what I needed and did it. Then I decided to sell and had to invest in a serger and snap press, but (and I know I am biased) I still comment on how cute my little M looks in her Little M's. I have thought about making them my only diaper, but now it is like, well I could make her a dipe, and it costs me less, but it also costs me profit, so it is the same as just buying other wahm's dipes, only I don't have to spend the time. I would suggest, if you think you will want a whole stash of your own, do it before you sell. You go into it thinking, oh, I can make a diaper any time I want for dc, and what happens is, you make tons of dipes for everyone else and none for your own!
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