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Re: Help! Toddler Food Allergy?

I could be an allergy/intolerance. Was he ffed or bfed before?? Sometimes babies can tolerate formulas or milk from Mom (if she doesn't cosume a lot of dairy) and not really react until they are given whole milk.

My ds is allergic to milk....his first was constipation he was like 2 months old ebf and constipated plus he had "colic" and screamed 24/ not so smart first pedi said just colic. Well I knew at 4 months it wasn't just colic and about that time he started puking like 20+ times a day!!! Ended up he was allergic to milk and had reflux. So we are now milk free and he is on Prevacid and he is a new child....most of the time

You could always try soy milk or even rice milk and see if you notice a difference. It's all trial and error really. Do food allergies run in your family besides yourself?? I am no expert but we have had lots of issues with this stuff and are still trying to figure things out with ds.
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