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Re: Importance Of A 5pt Harness....( Get the tissues!)

that's a great video, but the car seats are held in by seatbelts right? So What difference is the type of carseat used going to make in a seatbelt failure situation? Some of us can't afford a brand new car with all the fancy schmancy latch systems and such. I can see a 5pt. making a difference should the seat remain in place, and the idea that a top tether alone would've made a difference is just dumb. Great now the child and his seat are free to swing about the inside of the car becoming a danger to themselves and other passengers.

don't get me wrong. Proper use of a car seat is vital and getting the best one you can afford makes sense, but in the end most rely on the seatbelts and that puts us right back at square one.

Does this make sense?
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