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Re: # of diapers you have compared to # you use.

Old thread...didn't even realize it till I came across my own post wow things have changed since then...

Originally Posted by lauramaynot View Post
Well right now I own:

1 doz Preemie PF
1 doz infant PF
3 doz regular PF
2 doz Premium PF
5 dyed premium PF (which I am turning into Prefitteds)
18 Medium FB
1 Fitted
15 small covers
12 Medium covers
2 large covers

that is 118 diapers and 29 covers...of course I only use what fits her right now so that is the Premium PF's and Fuzzibunz and medium covers. But my neighbor has my regular PF's and small covers so technically those are currently being used too...What is funny is before DiaperSwappers I had 4 dozen PF's and that seemed like alot

I am buying more PF's from the co-op but they are to fatten up my baby stash...(no I'm not pregnant - just planning ahead)

I had me another baby and my stash is now 47 pockets with 3 dozen PF's and 1 doz Prefitteds....remind me to look at the dates on threads every once in a while will ya!
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