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Chapped lips? (warning, graphic pics)-updated

I posted this in a reply, but I don't think everyone saw it. I did take him to the doctor yesterday and the doc said it's from picking his lips, and they got infected. He does pick the skin when they get chapped, and I guess it was just really bad this weekend. We're using bactroban ointment on them twice/day and vaseline during the day. They didn't look much better this morning, but the doc said they should be fine in 2-3 days if he'll leave them alone.

My 2.5yo has always had chapped lips. We use chapstick on them, but this weekend, it got colder and his lips are horribly worse. It's like one big bleeding open sore. We took him to the pharmacy yesterday to see what they suggested and they said vaseline, so we did that, but he was crying all night in pain and this morning we woke up to blood on the pillow and this:

Now, I know this isn't normal. But is it just really severe chapped lips? Or do you think something else is going on?? They are really swollen, too.
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