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He's hitting himself in the head!

Does anyone else's toddler hit themselves in the head for no apparent reason?

Lately Asher will just hit himself in the head with whatever is laying around. Yesterday he was running his head into the wall, today he was hitting himself in the head with the phone. I wasn't too worried until just recently he hit himself in the head with his v-tech piano! The thing is heavy! He just brought it right up to his head, and brought his head right down to it. CRASH. The result? Screaming baby. I'm hoping after that he'll realize thats its no fun to smash himself in the head, but after we gave him his booboo bunny he didn't seem phased, and went right back to the piano. (just carrying it around, he hasn't hit himself with it again...yet) My mom said its just something toddlers do? Is she right or is there something wrong with him?
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