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Re: I'm so upset. DH made decision without me!

He denied everything!!!!!!! What a wierdo. He said that he told her that we "might" get her to watch Stella. But I did ask him to NEVER have anyone call me about something like that until he lets me know whats going on. I know that he talked to her and gave her my number because she called me on my cell! I still haven't told the girl yet. I'm going to leave that up to DH. I did tell him that we have a couple interviews set up and both of us have to agree on which person. I went to one this afternoon and WOW!!! How can people live like that??? LOL. DH didn't get to go b/c he was at work and I had the day off. I did tell him that he is more then welcome to call her back and interview with her if he can get into her driveway!! Ick! So, basically we have one more person to interview this weekend and then if that doesn't work out we are going to beg Amanda to keep watching her...LOL.
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