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Re: Do You Nurse in Public?

I voted No, but wanted to. With DD, I didn't nurse in public..ever. It's really sad actually b/c I was really insecure about my nursing and was sooo worried about someone coming up to me and making a scene. I just didn't want to deal with someone flipping out about me and my boobs. I also look very young (I'm talking recent high school grad even though I'm a college-educated 23 yr old) and the area I lived in until DD was about 8-9 months old was very ANTI-bfing..especially NIP. I also had a very sensitive letdown in that I'd have to do lots of deep breathing, need to be in a quiet dim room, and couldn't have a lot of noise or chaos going on around me if I wanted my milk to letdown. I sometimes had to close my eyes and picture relaxing scenes, like the beach, to get it to come down.

I would love to NIP this time around, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I may have to get over my fear of confrontation, and the letdown issue though..otherwise I'll have to drag DD1 to the bathroom or car with me when DD2 needs to eat..that's gonna get old fast!!
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