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Re: Do You Nurse in Public?

Originally Posted by indysteffanie View Post
we do.

A is 9 months and i still do it, we dont hide but im not trying to purposely flash anyone either

i always wear a tank under my regular shirt so i pull it down, regular shirt up, so nothing is exposed

im more worried about my muffin top hanging out than i am my boob
oh, me too!
i voted nip, but stopped after a certain age. once each of my kids was around 15 months, i started getting the "strange" looks & even some comments about "hmmm - (s)he's still nursing ..." i wish i was the type of person who didn't care what other people thought, but unfortunately, i'm not. after about age 15 months, we nursed in the car or way back in a corner somewhere, not just right on the park bench or during library story time or _ _ _ like we normally did. if more mamas around here nip past 12-15 months, i'd be more comfortable doing so. i know, i know, if i started then that would help others mamas feel more comfortable nursing toddler in public, etc.

the funny thing is, i'd nurse any aged lo in any place on vacations where no one knows us & we'll never see them again but, back in our "home town" i'm not as forward. i wish i was b/c i truly am probfing, pro ext. bfing...
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