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Re: Do You Nurse in Public?

I voted discreetly. I mean that I try to be as discrete as I can but do not cover. DD won't go for it but I can manage to not show much usually. She is 9mo now and is getting some table food and is getting harder to NIP as she is so easily distracted. So now she sometimes gets some table food and then we nurse when we can find a quiet place. Not b/c I don't want to NIP but b/c she just does better. I nursed my DS until 22months and still did in public when needed. I've had a few looks but never a comment. If someone doesn't like it they can look away/move/leave whatever.

ETA: Just got back from Disney World and we nursed everywhere: Tram, monorail, boats, rides, shows, etc. Noticed a few others too.

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