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White noise question

Sorry to ask another white noise question but I have to ask:
Did any of your DC's needed to get used to the white noise when you started using it???
A few of you might remember that a few days (~1week?) ago I posted about this (re white noise machines) and I then bought a white noise cd off on ebay b4 I got another cd that a sweet mama here made for me (rainstorm noise).
Neither one seems to really help to keep my DS from sleeping...
We used to play children's classical music softly in his room, and eventhough it didn't drown out noises like the neighbor's dog's barking, he seemed to kinda like the music. Now that I've tried both cds, he seems to even sleep less well.. though I'm not sure if it's coincidence or if it could really be that the noise is 'disturbing' him? (The 'rainstorm' cd sounds awesome, I know I'd def. fall asleep with that The other one is really just 'noise' lol.)

Please, if you have any advice, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know as the white noise cd I got from ebay has a 30 day return policy and I'm currently debating to send it back...
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