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Re: White noise question

Originally Posted by mom2fussy View Post
Well, I don't have any experience using anything like that with DS. But personally, I can't fall asleep very well to the so-called "calming" CDs that are rain or waves or whatever. There are just too many different sounds & they're too random for my mind to relax. I fall asleep more easily with music (especially music I know) or with true "white noise" - just background fuzz-type noise.

Also, FWIW, DH grew up with a small fan going in his room *always*. Now he's hooked - and CAN'T sleep without noise in the room. We had to buy a little white noise generator thing for him (because I hated having a fan on in the room - too much air movement across my face. ) So you might want to make sure you don't use white noise *every* time DS sleeps!
Yeah, DH was afraid that DS might get used to the music for the same reason you mentioned.. Due to the dog's barking noise from our neighbor I was hoping the white noise would blend it out though and help DS sleep... but it doesn't seem to..
We had a fan on in summer time and I too think that this kind of humming noise worked soothingly for DS. However now in the winter time I couldn't place a fan anywhere as it's already the coolest room where DS is in and no matter where I put it (I tried it b4) somehow there's always a 'draft' going on..
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