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Re: Does OV get "matted"?

I have had my Mutt with OV since Nov. and it is not matted, we use it about twice a week, you may try vinegar, it works as a softner w/out making your dipe wick, it may help. And as for is it a stay dry layer, No, not really. It does keep the skin more dry than say hemp right up next to the skin, because it has a "pile" to it or fuzzy-ness, but I have tried the bead test and just feeling the dipe after use, and it is definately damp feeling, quite a bit moreso than my fleece and suedecloth lined dipes. I know velour is part poly based, I have some robe velour that is %100 poly and doesn't wick anything because the pile is so small. Hopefully a mama will answer who knows the content of OV, but in my experiance, it should not get matted and it not really a stay dry layer.
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