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BFing and baby bowel movements?

So baby's only 3 days old and has only had 2 bm's. The staff at the hospital say its because she's not eating enough (my milk just came in today), but she's feeding every 3 hours for about 20 minutes at a time and I feed her till I can't stimulate her enough to get anymore in her. She seems pretty lethargic right now, but that may just be cause she's only 3 days old. Is it ok for her to not have had anymore bm's? she hasn't had one in 24 hours, although we did suppliment one feeding with formula to make sure she was getting enough, so we know there's food in there. could she be constipated? What would I do to help her with that? She's really gassy and tooting all the time so I think she wants to have a bm. Also under my armpits is really sore now that my milk is in anyway to find relief from that other than bfing, I'm feeding her all that she'll take right now and they still hurt! Thanks!
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