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Re: BFing and baby bowel movements?

Hang in there!! First of all I would check with your dr. Seems like you hear so many storys about what nurse say, some right some not. I think it is pretty normal, I know my sil bf her dd and she only had a bm like every 7-9 days.......but that was when she was like 2 mths - like 6 mths. you can always try a cool wash cloth on the toes/feet to help "wake" her up. My other sil put one on her sons STOMACHE to keep him awake!!!!!!!! AHHHH meanie!!! Well anyways I think it is ok that she doesnt bm a lot because they are using all they take in, but I am no DR, just a mom

also just keep feeding her and in a few days your supply will go down some and you wont be so uncomfortable. Keep an eye out for any "redness", fever feelings of flu, these can be signs of mastitis (a blocked duct) although one of the best things for it is to nurse a lot. I have a book by Dr.Jack NEwman and it has really helped us to diagnose mastitis, thrush and helping with a latch. Here is a site of his you may find some more info on there

I am going to go check my book now, I think it may say in there how many bm is normal

Hope this helps!!

Hope you are getting SOME sleep!
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