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Re: How do I make her eat?

Absolutely do NOT fight about it. Offer her food. If she doesn't eat it..fine. Offer her the next meal at the next meal sure to offer at least 5-6 times per day, but do NOT argue, fight or cajole. she will eat if she is hungry..UNLESS somethig is wrong. Because of her size...I think that is worth considering. thyroid issues can mess up appetite. Other serious medical problems can affect weight and appetite as well..I dont want to scare you, but it can be her size, and with 2 whole pounds of weight loss without obvious illness (meaning she hasn't been throwing up or whatever) I would definitely get a THOUROUGH checkup first. do you have a doctor who you trust and who will take you seriously? I nomrlally am VERY laid back about weight, but 25 pounds at 3.5 is wicked small. Has she alwasy been small and following a small growth curve?? Genetically, is she likely destined to be small? Is her recent growth pattern (say..6 months of growth/loss) causing her to drop percentiles or fall off teh charts? If so..that is usually considered serious. Sensory issues normally do not present in this fashion (used to eat fine but now won't) but you should always check...while MOST kids will not starve themselves, a child with sensory issue WILL indeed starve to death before eating textures/foods/etc they do not like. A feeding tube is generally the only way to keep these kids alive.

anyway....what i am saying does NOT dsound like you are fact, it almost sounds like you might be UNDER reacting..a 25 pound 3.5 year old is something that, at the very least, needs to be checked out by a doctor.
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