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Re: "It's Just A Plant" book...

No I would definaetly NOT read this book to my child!!! How can you teach your child to respect authority and laws and then read them a book that says it's ok to do drugs. Why not bring out a book that says acid, exstacy, cocain, etc... are all "medicines" that are "ok for adults" to use...

ABSOULTLY NOT! Like another person said, it is CRITICAL that we teach our children about drugs (where my friend lives they had made drugs that looked like candy and were passing it out to playground kids. When it came on the news she asked her son "What do you think that is?" He said "Strawberry candy." So at FOUR years old she had to tell her son that it was NOT candy, that it was "bad medicine" and not to take ANY candy or medicine from anybody unless mommy or daddy or grandma said it was ok.)....but no, this book is NOT the way to do it. I'm NOT teaching my children that drugs are ok.

Now, if you live in a state where it's legal, and you have prescription for it, then that's different.

Just my opinion.
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