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Some questions...possible food sensitivity

DS#2 is 4 weeks old and we've been through quite a ride. When he was 1 week old I was put on antibiotics for 10 days to battle an infection in my c-section incision. Then I was put on a second, 7 day treatment of another antibiotic. Just before the antibiotic started we had transitioned to seedy yellow poops. I took my last antibiotic 5 days ago and we're still having trouble with gassiness and green, mucousy/runny stools (at least 5 a day) and LOTS of spitting up (there have been occasional projectile vomits). While I was on the antibiotic I was just assuming that his symptoms were related to that and my doctor agreed. Now I'm wondering if I need to start eliminating some foods.

Here are my questions...

Possible reasons for the green stools include too much foremilk and food sensitivity...Is that correct? What else? (FWIW, I'm confident that his foremilk/hindmilk balance is good.)

How long does it take for what I consume to make its way into breastmilk? (There must be some averages out there...)

I plan to call the doctor on Monday, but I'm wondering about these things and I can't seem to find what I need via the resources thread.

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