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Re: What do you think of these names????

Originally Posted by katt View Post
Daisy, not so much. Sawyer, I like it, but it is pretty trendy now with the whole Lost thing.

I agree with a PP, if he insisted on naming the first one, you get FULL naming rights for the second. it is NOT fair if he insisted on Brooke and disregards your naming 'rights'.

Well how it worked was... he wanted Brooke and I said I like Brookelynn Star because Brooke is so popular. We agreed... then after my 10 hours of labor he INSISTED that she be Brooke Lee. So.... yeah. I thought I should get total naming rights this time... but I also don't want him to feel left out in the baby thing because he doesn't get the joys of carrying the child or staying home with the kids... ect.
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