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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Well...hugs to you melissa...Im so sorry mama

I came on here to write about my two angels...I lost t his y ear. Nov I lost one at around 11-12 weeks ..more so I had to have a DnC as my body wasnt taking to know that the baby was no longer there/being reabsorabed.
Then we got pregnant RIGHT AWAY after that( not planning to but HAPPY about it kwim)
that baby only lasted till about 6 weeks...7 weeks...I lost that baby literally a week before my mother passed away( Lost angel 2 on Jan died Jan 17th )

Well a few weeks ago I posted about my first EDD coming up....I got a package from Huggies then today...yet another Welcome Baby gift...from SIMILAC

I dont know why Im posting this...I g uess Im just really bothered..not like they KNOW kwim...but still it hurts.
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