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IPV vax question...

Hi ladies...

DS has not had any vax's at all... and I was contemplating a few- IPV and the T part of DTaP... I found out that I couldn't just get tetnus for DS because it's an adult vax, and basically my Ped told me to just wait until he actually stepped on a nail- and then get it- so I'm even at more peace with not giving him that...

I was considering polio because we do travel down to Mexico alot... and I've heard (no hard facts, just heard) that they still have it down there... so I was concerned with contaminated water, etc... and him sticking everything in his mouth- you know!

Anyways, I started reading about the monkey kidney lining and AIDS, and then cancer... and I'm becoming a little bit more leary about it... I found out while I was pg- that my parent's never vaxed me- ever! I did have (I think) MMR when I went to state college and tetnus when I cut myself while boating when I was 20??? but, never when I was younger. My parents were poor and didn't know about "free" clinics (Thank God!!!).

So, my thought is- I have never been vaxed against any of this, and I'm healthier than most people I know... I would rather NOT get him IPV because I'm so up in the air about it... but, I need to know if there is any validity to wild polio still being down in Mexico??? And if I should worry about it with how often we travel down there...

any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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