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Re: Santa pictures help!

Oh I'm so traumatized by this. Last year we took DS1 to get his picture taken with santa. We don't actually do santa, like, our son knows he's pretend. But we still have fun, like a halloween or just pretend. Well, we took him and my mom was up on stage with him. I was pregnant so I was down taking pictures (in addition to the expensive one). Well, Rune started screaming, he was so afraid. They HELD him there! And I was yelling "No! Let him down!" but they wouldn't. I had to climb my butt up there and say "LET.HIM. DOWN.". I talked to the picture lady and told her that it was horrible they wouldn't let him down and she said most people just want her to keep trying until she could get a cute picture.

I found that horrible. I guess I don't see the point. My son cried so hard he had hiccups and was upset the rest of the day. I can't look at the pictures of him screaming without being teary eyed.

To us, we know he's just a guy getting paid, but to them, he's a horrible, unsafe, scary stranger. I will never force my babies to go through that all for the sake of a picture ever again.

Sorry, thats probably more than you wanted to know Like I said I'm just still traumatized.
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