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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

We did CIO with DD#1 & "whine it out" with D#2 . Once DD#1 started putting herself to sleep she slept 13 hours a night no problem. DD#2 I say "whine it out" because she doesn't really cry about it for more than maybe two minutes. And when she realizes she's not allowed in our bed she gives up and lays back down on her bed. (for clarification, our bed is TOO small it fits me and DH with about 6 inches to spare, we are currently sleeping the same room and when it warms up our bedroom is about 15 feet away from their beds.....)

I think the problems come in when you let them cry and cry and cry with no comfort from you at all. If you give them the confidence to know that if there really is a problem you will be there then that is what matters. Being a good parent does not require that you sacrifice your health and sanity to take care of your child. Because really that makes you a bad parent when you aren't able to take care of them because you are so worn out. Do what is best for your family.
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