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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

only in the car. theres really not much I can do there, she only wanted out so stopping to comfort/feed/change her didnt really help much so I just had to let her cry

at night she nurses to sleep and now (at 10 months) she will nurse then unlatch and roll away about 75% of the time (that is sooo nice). she still takes all of her naps on me. either on my lap while I am online or in a carrier (my MT on my back usueally) while I do other stuff. occasinally (like once a month) she will take a whole nap in her carseat. the other day I was out in the parking lot for an hour after we got home waiting for her to wake up. of course as soon as she did she screamed until I got her unbuckled.

imo babies are just like adults, they need more then potty/diaper, food, etc. comfort is a big thing. I am 25 and I can only go to sleep if I am exasted, drunk, or curled up next to someone. and I slept in a crib and was cio-ed as a baby.
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