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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

We DID! I started when DD was like 10 months old (she is 18 mo old now) I'd put her in her crib, wait 7 min, go in, sooth her w/out picking her up, for 5 min, leave and then I'd do 8 min, wth 6 min soothing her (it NEVER took 6 min soothing her), but that was my "plan".
It took about a week of doing that, and now 8 months later she is an awesome sleeping.
I say "Do you want to go to bed" at bed time and she runs to her crib, gives kisses, and lays down w/out a fight.
And, I can assure you she still loves me, and she isnt traumatized for life because of it. Its not like I threw her in crib with dirty clothes on, poopy diapers, and hungry. All her needs were/are met before bed time. I make sure she is actually TIRED and she goes to bed.
I have a very healthy, active, energetic, happy toddler who likes to go to sleep in her OWN bed. We're all happy (and I assure you brain damage free :wink!
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