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Re: What the h***?? 2 1/2 year old NO LONGER PT?!?!?!

Ok Thank HEAVENS!!!! I am at my wits end with my DD!!!! She will be 3 in Jan. and recently started the same thing..she has only pooped in the potty 3 times, but had the pee thing down!!! Now she is peeing everywhere and does not care. Yesterday she pottied while in her room playing then came and sat on my lap as if she had done nothing !!! I am so frustrated also!! She has reversed before right before she turned 2 and I gave up went back to diapers until she was about 2 1/2 and we got it!! Or so I thought !! And last night on the way to the store she pottied in her carseat and when I went to unbuckle her and noticed she laughed !!!!! So yes I feel your pain and frustation also!!!

But I did figure out that going back to diapers this time is no option!!! I just put more panties on her everytime!!! She thinks she wants to be a baby--Has a
14m old brother and sometimes just wants to be a baby!! Which is what everyone told me the first reverse was all about!!
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