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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

I guess we did w/ dd #1, but not really bc that was what we set out to do, she was just a very difficult baby and didn't go to sleep without crying for at least 10 min. until she was 14mos no matter what we did. We did everything we could think of--had a bedtime and naptime routine, nursed to sleep, rocked, swaddled, comfort object, etc. Finally, we just told her it was time for bed, let her cry for a few mins. went back 5 min. later to comfort, left, if she was still crying went back 5 min. after that. After a couple of days it was just the 10 min. cry at bedtime, and at 14 mos. it suddenly stopped. Everyone has to do what is best for them, and often it really depends on the baby.
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