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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

I can't let Jack Milo CIO. BUT, he's had all sorts of issues. So normally he doesn't feel good. Reflux, ear infections, he was born with some issues with his feet, so had casts and sleeps in a brace, etc. So for us, the situation was different.

What I've done is this (ONLY when I know he feels okay and is not sick/hurting)....

Jackson CAN sleep when he feels good. Waking only once to eat. But I've ran in at every little wimper, so he expects it now. So I lay him down (after rocking, a bottle, and lullabies) and walk out. I give him 10 minutes to fuss, if he's still fussing, I go get him. Calm him down by doing whatever he needs. Holding, rocking, whatever. Then lay him down again and give him 10 minutes again. I do this any time he wakes up. He goes down without crying, doesn't wake up except once to eat, etc. No problems.

NOW, we have a wind down time before bed. We dim the lights, and watch a Praise Baby DVD together. I sang the songs to him when I was pregnant, so it's comforting to him. We only listen to a few, maybe 10 minutes worth instead of the whole 30 min. DVD. Then we go to bed, I turn on his lullabies (they play for about an hour) and turn the fan on to the second speed for white noise, rock him, give him his bottle, then lay him down sleepy but awake.

I think a routine is the KEY to them understanding bedtime. You can't expect them to go from awake and playing to sleeping in 15 minutes, kwim? Not saying you are, just speaking in general.
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