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Re: Does anyone do cry it out?

Originally Posted by Tiffer23 View Post
Wanted to add, CIO to me is putting your child in bed and letting them scream and get hysterical for hours on end without going in to comfort them. A few minutes of crying/fussing will NOT hurt them. I know with my son, for a few months he HAD to cry before bed. Even if I was holding him, it was like he had this pent up grumpyness that had to get out before bed. I would try and try and rock and feed, etc. but until I let him cry for 5 minutes he would NOT sleep. I'd put him in his pack-n-play, let him cry for 4 or 5 minutes, go get him and rock him and he'd go right to sleep. Made me so sad, but that was just him. Something he needed. I didn't understand it, but *shrug*

Oh my take on CIO was putting my son down and letting him cry it out for like 15 sometimes on the rare occasion 30 mins but if it went much past that Id go get him and comfort him and play with himn for a liitle and try to pu thim bak down again until he finally feel asleep.....I guess I didnt think CIO meant crying for hours and hours and never seeing if they were okay?? Cuz if thats CIO I didnt do that...
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