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Re: Vancouver Island mama's

Originally Posted by Senzafine View Post
I'm from Victoria and if I buy any locally it's through JamTots but I really don't like anything they have. They don't really have much of a selection. I usually buy on the FSOT here.

eta: steph, looks great! I also am on my way to making my own...I would love to do it as a wahm business. I am jealous of your snap press, lol!
hahaha!!! yeah I agree entirely with you on the lack of selection on the local scale. Not that Jamtots is bad, don't get me wrong but it just seems that some of us could come up with styles of diapers that would complement their products. As for the snap press, TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY. I got mine from the US, at "Oh Snap USA!" before the dollar went down. The money is just about all recovered with the testers that I posted on a different thread.... I am already getting a lot of feedback from great moms. It's not easy to get started, but with small steps we local mamas can go a long way!

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