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Help! DS suddenly hates diaper changes/being on his back

2 days ago DS started to hate getting his diaper changed, getting clothes put on, or even being on his back for any reason. He's been crawling for about a month, but I can tell it's still related to a mobility / "I want to explore my world" reason. He will literally scream at the top of his lungs & twist with all his might. Sometimes I can't hardly hold him still, even while holding firmly with 2 hands. It's almost *impossible* to get a diaper on him. In the past I've often given him a toy to distract him, but he wants nothing to do with toys now. As soon as he started having these tantrums, I firmly told him "NO" and "Hold still". I've been consistent with that - not that it's making any difference so far!

So for those who have BTDT.... any suggestions??? How in the world do I get the kid to hold still long enough to get a diaper on him?? "Squirmy" is one thing, but the amount of twisting & crawling & screaming he's doing is just ridiculous!!! TIA!!!
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