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Re: Healthy meal ideas for 12 mo. old

My dd likes whole wheat organic waffles without anything on them - makes it super easy - just pop them in the toaster and give one to her - she can bite it herself. Favorite fruits are papaya and banana - papaya is a bit of a pain to prepare but once it's done we have enough for a few days (depending on the size of the papaya - she LOVES papaya). Cut up apples or she can bite on a small apple though if she's not really hungry she won't eat it all. She will eat avocado cut up. Cheerios and wheat chex are other faves. We give her almond milk cheese (used to give her borden 2% cheese but quit that cuz I figure that cheese is loaded with ycchy hormones) and she eats it plain and will also eat grilled cheese. Loves green peas, green beans, cooked carrots - all easy to pick up. Will eat applesauce and spaghetti with a spoon (well, ok, so she tries to use the spoon) but this gets messy, though she's getting better. And the old standby, peanut butter toast sandwiches, cut up so she can handle them easily. Sometimes she takes them apart, but they still usually get eaten. Raisins. Fresh sweet potato or squash, cooked, then cut up or or mashed - again the messy spoon thing. Mixed vegetables. I use primarily frozen vegetables - take out what you need, cooks quickly, no waste.
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