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Re: Which Britax carseat?

Originally Posted by Dawnn View Post
Oh, and I got mine for $270 with free shipping new, in the box on eBay. At the time it was the only place I could find it in Onyx black since the Britax CS rep told me when I called them that it would be January before I'd be able to get that cute girly one like you want. Obviously she didn't know what she was talking about.
Actually, it's out of stock and I've ask but haven't heard back yet and maybe that's why.

I hope they get them in stock in January because it looks like the Boulevard it is. Unfortunately, my 5yo dd likes that Shannon print too and now she wants a carseat like the baby's. Why do they not put fun prints on the Regents?

Anywho, thanks for all your help mamas. I don't have anywhere here that I can compare them side by side and I didn't want to pay extra for features that were useless if I didn't have a tiny infant. I feel much better about splurging $300 on a carseat. (But shhhh, don't tell dh. He'll freak out from sticker shock But in the end, he'll remember that he left the decision to me and just shrug it off. )

Thanks again


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