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Re: Do You Nurse in Public?

Funny thing how she's gotten older and I've gotten less concerned with having my boob out in public. When DD was first born and we went out, I did everything I possibly could to make sure we were both covered. Those days, I usually went out with her in a meitai and we'd drape the blanket over her head; it was the only way to keep her from crying while out in public.

DD is 7 months old and now we nurse openly. When I'm out with my parents, my Dad tends to make a fuss and scrambles to find something to cover us up. Inevitably, DD just shakes whatever cover off of her head and goes back to nursing.

We were out with DH at a Thai restaurant the other night. DD was fussing so onto the boob I popped her. The waitress came by and smiled and said, "Oh that's great, she's having her dinner too!" I loved that reaction!
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