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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

Oh jeeez LOL

For DD I try and buy mainly all organic for her. And, I try to cut out dyes in her diet. But sometimes its just easier LOL

I buy whole wheat everything. I find no taste difference between regular pasta and whole wheat organic pasta. TJs has it for .99 (organic too).

NO SODA IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! We have organic juice, water or milk, and choco organic soy milk. DH hate that LOL I dont mind so much.

Lots and lots and lots of fruits and veggies (fresh and sometimes frozen I stay away from canned as much as possible since inthe canning process they tend to lose their nutritional value).

I keep freeze dried fruits and veggies on hand for a quick, easy, healthy snack for all of us.

I try and avoid any boxed foods. I find you can make whatever is in the box (tuna casserole for example or those rice a roni things) in the same amount of time with your own ingredients, less salt and fat, tastes better and you control everything. Its cheaper, and better for you in the end. I do however keep some on hand when they go on sale for quick meals, or if DH gets hungry he can whip something up. Or whatever. But, I try to avoid that.

I rarely ever buy beef. Ever. I buy free range chicken, fish, ground turkey in place of ground beef. Lean meats!

I dont buy cookies, cakes, brownies, etc..I mean on occasion I'll have some around but I dont make it a habit. Especially "junky" ones. I do buy some vegan cookies that a local market sells and they are all natural, all organic, preservative free so I feel A-Okay eating them

I try and shop on the outskirts of the grocery store (unless I'm in whole foods or trader joes LOL) produce, deli, and fresh breads. And never go in hungry LOL

Water water water water! I also found the love for flavored carbonated water. It spices it up a little bit. But it does have aspertame in it so I try not drink a lot of it all the time. But after drinking 60 oz of water a day - you need some TASTE! LOL

I think that is it...
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