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Re: Healthy meal ideas for 12 mo. old

On the weekend I make up a pound of whole wheat pasta and put it in individual baggies and for dinner i heat that up with some chicken and a veggie or fruit.

I also buy "chicken"less nuggets and they take like 10 min in the oven, and i usually make annies organic man n cheese to go with it, and some corn or something.

fish sticks are another favorite.

she looooves loaded omlettes. i fill up with anything we have that needs to be used up soon. bell peppers, spinach, onion, chicken, ham, brocolli, peas, corn, cheese, ANYTHING! And, she gobbles it up.

organic whole wheat blueberry waffles are a hit.

she also loves those mini whole wheat bagels. i split them, and spread a thin layer of cream cheese, or peanut butter, sometimes organic blueberry jelly, you can do the same with english muffins, or peices of whole wheat toast.

veggie stiry frys. mix in some chicken or pork if youd like.

the possibilites are endless.
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