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Unhappy I don't think I was cut out for motherhood...

I feel like a bad mom lately...
I really can't stand crying or whining and it's not like she cries very much at all but when she does I am so annoyed and I just want to tell her "be quiet baby you are bugging me!!!" I don't know what it is, I am so irritable lately and it's not just the baby, the dog makes me so angry. The dog will whine or get in my way and I get SO mad I feel like I want to hit her (which I don't believe in doing). Maybe it's this whole AF while breastfeeding thing I seriously feel like I have been PMSing for 2 weeks straigh and I am just exausted all the time and feel sick. I love to hold my baby and alway have her close to me and I know that I have been putting her in the intellitainer thingy too much lately. DH and I have been talking about what it would be like to have another baby lately (just talking about it, not considering it) and 1/2 of me would love another one and 1/2 of me would if I got pregnant again. I can't even handle one baby crying for 60 seconds, I would probably go insane if I had two . Anyway thanks for letting me vent, I guess I just need to try and relax or something.
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