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Re: I don't think I was cut out for motherhood...

I could have written this...especially about getting out of the house and play dates and stuff. I'm very fortunate that my husband works from 12-9. I recently began working part time, very early mornings---because of DH's schedule, they dont' have to go to day care. I miss my kids while I'm at work but I'm only gone for an hour or two of their waking hours. Being away from them a little and having somethign I can call my very own that is non-kids related has made a HUGE positive impact in my (and my kid's) life.

Originally Posted by onyxxmoon View Post
oH MY GOSH MAMA! I feel like you just explained my life lately to the T! I couldn't have said it better myself- i have REALLY been struggling, and feeling like the world's worst mom b/c i am soooo stressed out by DSs crying/whining.... I think that a HUGE part of it for me is my horrible habit of isolating myself when i get stressed out... i tend to not push myself enough to get out of the house-- and so sometimes 3 or 4 days go by, and i realize i haven't even LEFT the house ONCE!!!! And, as soon as i call another mama and force myself to get us out for a playdate, i feel sooooo much better! ANd suddenly, i have more patience and a higher threshhold for DSs tantrums--- but like you said, a lot of DSs crying is really nothing to get stressed about- most of the time it is minimal and totally reasonable (b/c he's teething like crazy) But, thanks so much for sharing mama, b/c i can totally relate!
I have also been having similar feelings about ttc again... sometimes i get these massive urges to have another baby--- but, i get so scared b/c i think i'm so freakin stressed out already, how in the heck can i deal with another one???? But a big part of me wants to have another one someday---- and then, on top of that, we are struggling to get our finances back up to par after being in the hospital for 8 weeks after DS was born..... so, mama- thanks for posting b/c i obviously needed to vent too!!!
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