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Re: Attn Non-Vax Mamas

I started with the plan to wait until miranda was 2 years old. Years ago in china.. maybe Japan.. hell, let's just say Asia, They went from Vaccinations starting at 2 months old to nothing until the child was 2 years old and it wiped out their SIDS cases. They brought it down to 3 months old and the sids cases Returned. That's one of the things that Made me decide to start at 2.

I was never vaccinated. Honestly, Vaccinating my child seems really Foriegn to me. I decided on the 2 year mark because The immune system is almost all the way developed by then. I figured if she could handle vaccines at all, she would handle them better then. Oh and DH didn't agree with me. when the time came it was going to be Delayed then and Separated and ALOT of them I wasn't even planning on doing.

Miranda is over 2 years old now. I don't plan on vaccinating her for anything anymore. I got to the point where none of them sounded worth it. The ones I did plan on doing, sounded silly. Either thier effectivness was Crap so it wasn't worth it. Or it was some simple little thing like Chicken pox that they blow all out of the water to make sound really scary.

I also found out yucky ingriedents like Formledahyde Or vaccines being grown on monkey organs or Fetal tissue, and while i have nothing against that, I do have something against possible Traces of DNA of those things in the Vaccines.

Vaccines aren't for me. I think everyone should really look into vaccines, and anything else before they go injecting something into thier child.

We've also had quite a few reactions in my family. This is why I wasn't vaccinated in the first place. Well one of the reasons.
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