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Re: Attn Non-Vax Mamas

We don't vax. There is a WONDERFUL video linked to in my siggie. Warning: It is an hour and a half long. But if it's something you're serious about, I feel an hour and a half of time is worth it when your child could possible lose their life.

*ETA* For those who don't have the time to watch the video, I wanted to hit a few key points...

- Dog breeders are finding that over several generations, vaccines were causing issues such as sterility. So who knows what you could be doing to your great-grandchild be vaxing your children.

- There is a lady on there who brings up charts of the declines of the diseases in the world. The truth is, vaccines actually SLOWED the rate at which these diseases were already disappearing.

- Children are being exposed to the vaccines for certain diseases at ages when the diseases can be devistating, but if the child were to get the disease naturally, he/she would be at almost no risk of contracting it at that particular age.
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