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Re: be honest with me . . .

My 2 year old still nurses at night and pees a veritable flood.

We've found 2 things that (mostly) work..

1) fitted with stay-dry inner, 2 doublers, and a 300wt fleece soaker over it
2) windpro pocket diapers stuffed with Sherri's nighttime inserts plus 2-3 doublers

His pj's feel dampish in the morning but that's okay with me. I'd rather he have something breathable and get the pj's / sheets a bit damp than have the moisture stay on his skin. I found that when we used PUL pockets overnight, he would soak the insert and then leak out the leg, causing a big ol' puddle on the pj's and sheets. That was not fun for either one of us. And around here, even a Huggies Overnight disposable lasts 6 hours max, so it's not really a solution either. I feel your pain..
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