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Re: School district decisions

Can you find out if the school district is innovative in any way? Schools that are too tied to doing things the same old way are not going to be the best ones to prepare you dc for the future. I say this as a teacher, and as a parent. H is only two but... I would not want him to be at a school with good grades, reasonable class sizes... etc... that was not addressing the rapidly changing world we live in.

Our school district has made the decision to integrate mac ibooks and computer technology into each school each student from grade 5 + has a laptop as does each staff member. We are learning soooooo many new ways of teaching that are much better at meeting the needs of our students. It's encouraged me to change how I teach a LOT! I've taught for 8 yrs now and I'm still learning everyday. It's really exhausting to re-learn how to teach somethings etc... but worth it.

If not technology support... what other innovative teaching methods are being used?

If all else fails, go where you feel comfortable. Go into a school in the middle of the day. See if you can meet the principal and tour the school. What are the kids doing? Are they mainly working on paperwork or ???
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